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Highly influential in the development of Gracie Jiu Jitsu was Helio Gracie. All the Gracie were slight of frame, but Helio was particularly small and frail. Because of his small stature, Helio could not use many of the Japanese moves that were based on power and speed, so he developed new leverages and new ways of doing moves. Helio turned out to be a brilliant innovator, and the style he developed proved to be victorious against all others, regardless of size. For the next seventy-five years the Gracie family dedicated themselves to the preservation and dissemination of this great fighting style - Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Our owner and head instructor Professor JW Wright has been training with Helio's son, Master Royler Gracie and Master David Adiv since 1999. He earned his black belt in 2008 and has been teaching the art of Gracie Jiujitsu in this area since 2002. His passion for teaching good people great jiujitsu is demonstrated across the nation in his seminars and lessons on self defense, training of law enforcement, and the many Pan American and World Champions who have trained with him through the years.

At our academy you are welcomed as family and as part of a team mentality that supports and furthers the development of skills in one another. "No one person is greater than the other on the mat. With this ideology, we together as a group are unstoppable."

Helio Gracie throwing Royler Gracie

Gracie Humaita St. Louis is an approved training facility with the We Defy Foundation, helping to provide Brazilian Jiujitsu training to veterans. For more information, click the image below.

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Monday:Open Mat 11AM-1PM, Youth Jiujitsu 5:15PM-6PM, Gracie Fundamentals 6PM-7PM, Open Mat 7PM-8PM;Tuesday: All Belts 11:30AM-1PM, Youth Jiujitsu 5:30PM-6:15PM, Teen Jiujitsu and Women's Class 6:15PM-7PM, All Belts 7PM-8:30PM; Wednesday:Open Mat 11AM-1PM, Youth No-Gi 5:15PM-6PM, Gracie Fundamentals 6PM-7PM, Open Mat 7PM-8PM;Thursday: All Belts 11:30AM-1PM, Youth Jiujitsu 5:30PM-6:15PM, Teen Jiujitsu and Women's Class 6:15PM-7PM, All Belts 7PM-8:30PM;Friday:  All Belts 11:30AM-1PM; Saturday: Youth Jiujitsu 9:30AM-10:30AM, All Belts 10:30AM-12PM;


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Jiujitsu learned one on one in a private lesson setting gives you the ability to ask questions and fine tune the moves in a manner that is perfect for your learning style. Several of the male and female instructors at our academy offer private lessons to both youth and adults.


Professor JW Wright

Professor JW Wright

- 3rd Degree Black Belt -

Head Instructor
Student of Royler Gracie and David Adiv

Phone: (636) 477-6541


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